West Jester Lobby Renovation

West Jester Lobby Renovation


The complete renovation of the West Jester Lobby of Jester Dormitory signaled the University’s decision to express itself as one of the premier universities in the country. West Jester Lobby is a central space that the students use to learn and socialize during their time on campus. It is also a public space for visitors to the University, and therefore an important space to express the University’s commitment to the quality of student life.

Renovations of this space include study lounges for both quiet learning and group study. The quiet study lounge is enclosed by glass to maintain openness while blocking out sound. These glass walls also become feature walls. Embossed with lyrics from classic folk songs of Texas, these walls educate those who pass by of Texas’ rich history. The reception area is open. Quartz counters and soffits along with slotted wood ceilings create a contemporary space at a premier University for its students, staff, and visitors.

Quick Facts

  • 7,250 SF renovation
  • Construction Cost $1.2M
  • Completion April 2010