Goodnight Middle School Additions and Renovations

Goodnight Middle School Additions and Renovations


GOODNIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL was a complicated addition and renovation project that brought an entirely new life and identity to the former site of San Marcos High School. While many buildings were demolished, the new scheme reuses the best of the best and adds new buildings for classrooms, practice gymnasium and library. The new design for the campus features grade level academic houses with student commons and a central, secure courtyard that ties all the buildings together. A new administrative building added a new, modern entrance to what was once an aged, sprawling campus.

Quick Facts

  • 69,899 SF new
  • 43,356 SF renovations
  • 900 student core
  • Construction Cost $19M
  • Completion December 2008


  • 2010 TASA | TASB Award Winner